SWWT Plenary Meeting – Wednesday 22 November 2023 – ESWW2023

16h15 – Welcome and brief introduction to the ESA Space Weather Working Team (SWWT) – Mario M. Bisi (5 Minutes)

16h20 – Brief update on the Terms or Reference and plans for updating the Topical Working Groups – Mario M. Bisi (5 Minutes)

16h25 – Space Weather in the ESA Space Safety Programme – Jussi Luntama (15 Minutes)

16h40 – The ESA SWE Service Network Ongoing and Upcoming Developments – Alexi Glover (9 Minutes)

16h49 – Upcoming Activities in the ESA Technology Programmes – Piers Jiggens (9 Minutes)

16h58 – Next steps and closing remarks (2 Minutes)

17h00 – Close.